Scope of services

Our legal team has been active for many years and enables us to provide legal services at the highest level for both entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs. We provide legal services for commercial entities with special emphasis on companies from real estate and the energy market. In addition, we are specialized in litigation before both common and arbitration courts. We have experience in handling different types of cases, in particular those concerning payment resulting from lease and tenancy agreements, disputes concerning construction law, corporate disputes, criminal cases (with special emphasis on those related to commercial issues), tort cases as well as disputes concerning copyrights, labor law and family law.

Our Law Office has expertise in provision of legal services for the real estate market especially related to shopping centers and office buildings. Due to the fact that we cooperate with owners of the most distinguished shopping centers in Poland we have worked with almost every area of their activities beginning with the property purchasing stage (including financing of investment) to construction and the commercialization process through to operational issues of existing projects.

Members of our team have also advised the biggest energy companies in Poland, dealing in particular with transmission, distribution and production of electricity as well as fuel trading.